Beautify & Protect Your Landscape

Your trees and shrubs need just as much attention as your yard from the Texas heat. Give them perfectly-timed care with guaranteed results:

  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Disease & Insect Spot Treatments
  • Preventative Insect Control

Year-Round Protection for Your Trees & Shrubs

  • We inspect your trees and shrubs and perform an overall health assessment, including regularly monitoring for disease and pest issues
  • We provide disease and insect treatments should we spot a problem
  • We apply fertilization and micronutrients to deliver key essentials at optimal times during the year

How does Emerald Lawns keep trees & shrubs healthy?

Root Zone Fertilization

Trees and shrubs require a balanced nutrient mix for proper growth and survival. Fertilizer is needed to take place of the natural humus that appears in a forest.

Emerald Lawns uses a deep root fertilizer to get to your trees & shrubs roots. We know that keeping them well-fed reduces their stress and keeps them healthy and less prone to diseases.

Insect and Disease Control

Emerald Lawns Tree and Shrub service control insects and diseases with applications of product to provide a healthier, more attractive landscape.

We want your landscape investment protected so that insects and disease don’t come near it. Our preventative approach is very effective.

However, if you do find your landscape plagued by disease or insects, we will use systemic pesticides whenever possible. These types of pesticide are actually absorbed by the plant itself. They work their way through the plant’s tissues, killing disease and insects as they do. They’re much better for your overall landscape and the environment.

Dormant Oil Treatment

Want to get insects before the eggs hatch? Our Tree and Shrub dormant oil treatment attacks the eggs.

It reduces the landscaping feeding population during spring and summer. Dormant spray oils have an emulsifier that is added to the oil and allows it to mix with water for easy application. (See water and oil can mix!)

The oil kills the insect’s eggs by suffocating them – covering up breathing tubes – or by directly penetrating the outside cuticle which destroys internal cells.

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