Want a Lush, Green Lawn?

No other service is likely to have as big an impact on the color and health of your lawn as proper fertilization – but it can be tough to get lawn fertilization right.

We fertilize each lawn with a custom formula, mixed by our professional technicians, addressing each species of grass, soil quality, and local growing conditions.

Why is Emerald’s Fertilization services so effective?

  • We are Central Texas lawn experts and have the experience of managing thousands of lawns and offering proactive solutions.
  • We inspect your lawn and perform an overall health assessment, including regularly monitoring for weed, disease and pest issues.
  • Provide treatments should we spot a problem and continue to monitor.

Get the lawn you always wanted!

Imagine how your yard will do given the proper nutrients it needs to not only survive but thrive. Few yards contain the nutrient-rich soil necessary to keep your lawn lush and green. When deprived of these vital nutrients, lawns grow thin, allowing disease and weeds take over.

We will help your lawn grow thicker and greener by utilizing professional grade equipment and fertilizer, experienced staff, and consistent communication between our staff and you, the customer.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we do this by providing top-notch service.

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