Let Your Lawn Breathe
(so you can enjoy it)

A yard is only as good as its soil. Lawn aeration helps your lawn by:

  • Allowing air, water, and nutrients to flow deep into your soil where they’re most needed
  • Fostering a deeper, denser root system
  • Creating healthier turf which repels weeds and is more drought tolerant

Plus, a healthy lawn is barefoot-worthy.

Get a Lawn You Love

Why does lawn aeration matter in Central Texas?

Our soil is full of rock, clay and caliche…

This soil makeup directly affects the absorption rate of water and nutrients into your soil.

When our soil lacks nutrients, our lawn suffers.

Option 1: NEW Liquid Aeration

Liquid Aeration is a state-of-the-art application that creates tiny, deep pathways, delivering oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the roots. Without these “tunnels”,  the root system has no way of accessing what it needs most to thrive.


  • Application covers the entire lawn, versus every several inches with other aeration options
  • Delivers a compounding effect, wherein each additional application picks up where the last one left off
  • No broken sprinkler heads or severed cables
  • Does NOT destroy the pre-emergent weed barrier
  • No pre-aeration preparation (marking sprinklers, invisible fences or cable lines)


  • We have to wait until it’s 90 degrees or less outside

Option 2: Core Aeration

A core aeration is a type of lawn aeration in which a machine removes plugs of soil and thatch from a lawn.


*Core aeration creates holes of a significant diameter – about ½ to ¾ of an inch, creating enough space for all the essential provisions to go down deep into your, lawn where they’re most needed

*At Emerald Lawns, we also ensure that the cores are kept on the lawn to break down naturally.


*It’s only creating “tunnels” every 12 inches (20% coverage).

*You have to be sure that your irrigation and cable lines aren’t struck during aeration.
*The lawn must be watered significantly the night before.

When should you aerate?

We recommend aerating lawns twice a year, preferably in the fall and spring.

  • Liquid aeration should be applied in the fall/spring, when temperatures are less than 90 degrees.
  • Core Aeration should be done during the growing seasons when grass can fill any open areas after the soil plugs are removed.

We do aerations year-round though, so don’t worry about the timing. We’ll be there when you need your lawn aerated.

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