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All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting for a
Cheerier Season

Hey Austin-area friends! Get ahead of the holiday rush by designing and ordering your outdoor light displays now.

  • Free, no-obligation estimate: we’ll work together to tailor-fit quality lights for your unique home at your budget
  • Receive a custom display that lasts: waterproof C9 LED lights, smart displays and lawn decor with a three-year warranty
  • Save time and space: our trusted crew will install, maintain, remove and store your lights

Wanna know more? Check out our FAQ below.

Dream Up a Gorgeous (and hassle-free) Holiday


Do you install lights and decor that I already own?2019-10-08T10:47:25-06:00

No, we can only guarantee our service by installing lights from our distributor. The custom lights we provide come with a three-year guarantee, installation, ongoing maintenance, removal and storage.

What does the Holiday Lighting service entail?2019-10-08T14:51:51-06:00
  1. Our team will come to your home, consult with you, and order your tailored lighting and decor.
  2. We’ll install them along rooftops, eaves, sidewalks, mailboxes, doors and columns.
  3. The three-year guarantee means that, should any bulbs burn out while they are up on your home, we’ll replace them for you.
  4. After the Holiday Season, we’ll remove lights and decor and store* them for you in a timely manner.

*storage of lights is a small additional fee

How long does it take to get lights installed on my home?2019-10-08T10:51:23-06:00

It takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks from the time your home is first evaluated and measured. We’ll get your custom order placed and schedule an install date for you.

What if something gets broken while on display at my home?2019-10-08T10:52:36-06:00

If a light or string goes out within the three-year guarantee, we’ll provide a service call to come fix or replace it for you.

What does it cost?2019-10-08T10:53:43-06:00

We’ll come give you a free, no-obligation estimate. With a catalog of custom holiday lighting solutions, we’ll tailor it to your home’s size and budget.

Do you offer this holiday lighting throughout all of Central Texas?2019-10-10T10:46:57-06:00

At this time, we’re offering holiday light fittings and installation in the Austin area. We are not yet servicing the New Braunfels/San Antonio area or the Temple/Belton area.

Merry & Bright, Guaranteed

We’re going to keep taking great care of you, especially during the holiday season!

  • Your lights will come with a three-year warranty
  • Should a bulb or strand go out, we’ll come fix or replace it for you 
  • Our team, that you know and trust, will be providing these installations so you don’t have to worry

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