Are Grubs Ruining Your Lawn?

Grubs are pesky little creatures that live hidden beneath your grass and destroy lawns. Our once-a-year treatment guarantees that your lawn will be grub-free.

How do Grub cause damage?

Grubs are the larval stage of many insects and often live just below the surface in the topsoil.

With white grub infestations, plants can be damaged and will likely die. It’s not uncommon for a single lawn to host hundreds of grubs, which devour the roots of turf grass and leave unsightly brown spots. As the infestation progresses, an entire lawn may be destroyed.

Emerald Lawns will Rid Your Lawn of Grub

We use granular grub treatments and guarantee that your lawn will be free from the grub damage for a full year or we will treat your lawn again.

We use a special formula that is not only safe around your family and your pets, but is safe for pollinators and earthworms that benefit your lawn and the environment.

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