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Fly Swat is here to save your patio.

Enjoy your outdoor space again with a kid, pet and bee-friendly fly reduction solution.

  • No hanging bags, sticky strips or traps
  • Applied in an odorless spray that will not stain your furniture or home exterior
  • You’ll notice results in hours – not days or weeks

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See How it Works

Rather than draw flies from other yards…

We ensure that we are only alluring the flies that are already occupying your outdoor space.

  • Attractant will be in hidden spaces
  • We apply it in the areas flies typically frequent
  • Kills flies for up to 30 days


Do I get the same free follow-up service calls like I do with mosquito?2019-07-31T15:34:52-06:00

No, due to the nature and uncontrollable sources of flies, we are unable to provide free follow up service visits.

Do they spray or fog the entire yard?2019-07-31T15:34:23-06:00

No, we do not spray or fog the entire area. Our technicians will apply the fly attractant in strategic areas, such as the garbage lids, and the locations where the garbage cans are located.  We also apply the attractant in low traffic areas around your property, so the flies go there and NOT in the places you or your family enjoy.

Where will it be applied?2019-07-31T15:33:43-06:00

It will not be applied to your patio or children’s play areas.  We find locations to attract the flies away from those areas.



Is FLY SWAT child and pet-friendly?2019-08-09T13:52:51-06:00

Absolutely! We do not use fly traps, granules, bags, or strips of adhesives which children or pets might come across.

How do you apply it?2019-07-31T15:32:08-06:00

It is a “spray” that does not leave an odor or any stain. Our technicians apply it where pets cannot reach it or where bees would be located.

How will I know it’s working?2019-07-31T15:31:34-06:00

You will experience a noticeable reduction in flies and, you will see an accumulation of dead flies on the ground where the attractant has been sprayed.

Take back your outdoor space!
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