Mulch does so many wonderful things for your lawn and flower beds.

From retaining moisture for your trees and shrubs to beautiful curb appeal, it’s no wonder why we are getting so many requests for bed mulching.

Check out this before and after from a customer in Cedar Park.



Let’s take a closer look



What a transformation! You can see that we’ve removed all of the weeds and that the mulch surrounding this shrub looks vibrant.


What our customers are saying…

“I am happy with how our lawn turned out, I feel good about the services received”

-Brohi, Cedar Park


Interested in learning more about mulch? Check out this link below.

Bed Mulching


Not only does mulch provide eye-candy, but it makes your flower beds more environmentally friendly.


  • It helps to conserve water.
  • It prevents over-watering during droughts.

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Mulching Your Yard: Good for the Environment and Your Lawn