Think of your lawn like a sponge.

We all know that a hard, dried-out sponge doesn’t get the job done. It requires moisture to be effective and useful. The same is true with your lawn, it needs a good WET(ting) so it too can absorb water more effectively.

One of the leading cause of poor watering is a tense and dry lawn. If your yard is tense, it can cause the water to collect at the surface level of grass, and not penetrate to the soil, much like a sponge.

In order to maximize your lawn’s watering efficiency, while minimizing water waste, we have found the perfect solution. With penetrants like AquaAid, moisture goes deeper into the soil, producing a healthy lawn.

Maximize your Water Usage in the Texas Heat

While the hot summer sun is busy evaporating the water on your lawn and drying out your soil, Emerald Lawns is hard at work, helping you increase water retention in your yard.  

How do we do it, you ask?

We Employ Scientific Breakthrough to Increase Water Efficiency by 30%

To give your grass the best fighting chance, we offer AquaAid.

This compound increases water distribution around your lawn, while improving absorption to keep water in your soil, where it belongs.

The treatment we apply:

  • Increases water penetration and retention
  • Improves nutrient absorption for a healthier lawn
  • Is ideal for turf, gardens and landscaping alike 

Basically, we get your lawn WET.

Still have questions?

We have compiled a list of great information from the manufacturer’s website regarding Aqua-Aid.

What is AquaAid?

It is a lawn penetrant that is specially formulated wetting agent that lasts for 15-30 days.

When can AquaAid be applied?

It can be applied to your lawn at any time of the year with no phytotoxicity.**

 **This is a fancy term for a toxic effect on plant growth due to chemical damage.

What are some benefits of AquaAid?

You can spend less time hand watering, worrying, and spending and more time enjoying your yard! This product reduces the amount of irrigation by 30%. *

Help Your Lawn Beat the Texas Heat with AquaAid

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