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This land that we love is beautiful, but what’s below the surface is awful for your lawn. Central Texas soil is thin, full of clay, and on a layer of Limestone. As many of our customers can attest, it takes some intentionality and extra love to get a gorgeous lawn (especially one worthy of the “lawn of year” title).

Here’s why.

During your home’s construction, the yard is stripped of any soil, compacted due to the build, and then topped with a thin layer of soil and a patch of grass. You are then left with shallow, compacted, and hard soil.

Compaction from construction and Limestone are the leading causes of poor soil in Central Texas.



(Fun fact: the reason Central Texas is prone to flooding is due to the lack of soil!)

Why do compaction and soil matter to your lawn’s health?

Your lawn is like an Iceberg

The top layer is your lawn.


The bottom layer is the soil below the surface.





Your soil and roots should be deeper than your grass is tall. In most Central Texas lawns, you’ll be hard-pressed to find that sort of soil structure.

So, what can we do for better soil structure?

In order to add to the organic layer of your soil and stimulate the soil’s natural properties, you’ll need annual topdressing and aeration. 

If done effectively, topdressing and aeration will deeply replenish the soil and naturally start to repair itself.

1. Aeration loosens the topsoil and gives a pathway for turf roots to grow deeper.

Soil can get so compacted that oxygen cannot penetrate. And, without the presence of oxygen, roots can’t grow and absorb water as they need.

For years, we’ve provided mechanical (core) aeration. Launching September 2019, we will begin a new-and-improved liquid aeration application.

There are four key benefits to N-Ext Air-8 Liquid Aeration:

  1. N-Ext Air-8 works across the entire surface area, versus mechanical, which only removes plugs every 3-6 inches.
  2. Liquid aeration has a substantial compounding effect, wherein additional applications pick up where the last application left off (unlike mechanical aeration which is a “one and done”)
  3. You get the “iceberg root system” – meaning roots grow deeper and thicker because more air and water are stimulating and delivering the nutrients which enable this vibrant growth.
  4. You’ll have greener, denser turf which repels weeds and is more drought-tolerant.



2. Once a pathway is formed, Topdressing will infuse an organic layer of microbial activity** to your soil.

  • Topdressing is rich in nutrients and, when coupled with aeration, feeds the grassroots
  • Water, air, and nutrients help the pH and soil composition to improve
** This is a fancy term for converting organic material to nutrients for growth and development of your lawn**

The end result? Healthy roots, healthy grass, and healthy trees.



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