A Greener Spring Starts Now, in Three Easy Steps

1. Fall Weed Control, Fertilization & Winter Prep

Being locally owned since 2006, we know Central Texas lawns. Our area is exceptionally beautiful, despite the soil beneath.

  • Because weeds can pop up anywhere, concrete included, applying a pre-emergent weed control in essential in the fall, drastically minimizing the weeds in both winter and spring.
  • We also ensure that your lawn gets slow-release fertilization, complete with a bio-nutritional application to liven up lackluster caliche soil for richer soil a greener spring.
  • Lastly, protect your lawn now for winter. Our blend of potassium and micronutrients will help prepare the lawn for dormancy and protect against freeze damage.

And, of course, as with every other lawn program visit, we spot treat all broadleaf weeds, insect and disease activity as necessary.

2. Organic Topdressing & Liquid Aeration to Revive Rock Hard Soil

Recover heat-stressed, cracked soil to retain moisture and access necessary nutrients, helping fertilization and weed applications to be absorbed exponentially better.

  • Compost topdressing provides beneficial microbes and essential minerals to nourish your rocky soil
  • Liquid Aeration (New!) is an innovative application that creates tiny tunnels in your soil, overcoming the obstacles of thatch and/or hard, cracked soil (without damaging sprinkler heads or leaving lawn plugs behind)
  • Liquid aeration penetrates further into your soil, producing a deeper, thicker root system

3. Deep Root Tree & Shrub Feeding 

Young trees and shrubs require a balanced nutrient mix for proper growth and survival. Fertilizer is needed to take place of the natural humus that appears in a forest but is lacking in suburban, roadbase-heavy soil. Our essential fall fertilization will replenish nutrients in the soil.

  • HOLGANIX will relieve stress caused by Central Texas summers making it less prone to disease
  • Aids in critical root development to foster healthy trees and shrubs
  • Prepares soil for the winter season by enabling better uptake of the vital nutrients

We’ll help make your lawn healthy, green and weed-free!

  • Don’t worry, there are no annual contracts (and you can pay-as-you-go)
  • Our local charm will come through every phone call and lawn application
  • We provide free service calls on lawn fertilization programs between our scheduled visits (for those with 6+ applications)

That’s why the NextDoor App is exploding with referrals for Emerald Lawns.

“I wanted to let y’all know that the big brown swath of grass in the backyard has miraculously recovered after fertilizing treatment!”

Pamela from Austin

For 13 years, we’ve cared for each lawn like our own. Because we live here, too. (You can read more of our story here.)