Cycle & Soak Watering Method

During a drought, it’s important to be mindful of how much water is actually making it to your soil and grass roots. When soil is super dry, there’s a higher likelihood to water run off.
Water your lawn in three or four shorter cycles until you’ve reached 1″ of water per week.
Shorter cycles allow the water to soak into the soil a little at a time, avoiding run off. Not only will you incrementally increase depth of the water’s reach, you’ll also promote deeper roots and healthier plants.
As one zone is running, the water in the previous zone is soaking deeper into the soil.
To calculate your watering time, simply take the total watering time for each zone and divide it into three or four cycles.
Here’s how it can look for a typical lawn:
  • Spray nozzles take around 45 minutes to water an inch so, run them 3x in 15 minute intervals
  • MP Rotor, Drip and Rotor heads typically take 90 minutes to water an inch, so run them 3x in 30 minute intervals
  • Lawns on an incline can have additional runoff from an average lawn, so having four shorter intervals helps ensure water absorption into the clay

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