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What are the Best Types of Grass for Central Texas?

Knowing that Central Texas is warm several months of the year, we want to select a durable, warm weather grass that doesn’t require a lot of watering. Let’s explore some of the best grasses for Central Texas.

St. Augustine

– is very common in Central Texas.

It’s a low-to-medium maintenance type of grass that forms a thick, carpet-like lawn.

  • It grows high but needs a lot of water to do so
  • St. Augustine grass crowds out most weeds and other grasses
  • It has a coarse texture and is not cold tolerant

St. Augustine grass does not like heavy traffic and you must mow it high to keep the roots in good condition. You can find it in plugs or pallets.

Bermuda Grass

– is drought-resistant and requires full sun to grow.

Be careful because Bermuda grass can sometimes act like a weed and overtake your flowerbeds.

  • It’s generally known to have few problems
  • It comes as a seed or on a pallet
  • It’s a tough grass and very persistent

Bermuda grass doesn’t do well in the shade and when you mow, mow low.

Palisades Zoysia Grass

– is an aggressive, dark green lawn grass.

Palisades is low maintenance and is best known for its tolerance in low light conditions.

  • It’s a medium-coarse in texture
  • It requires low water use and is very hardy in the cold weather
  • Palisades has a rapid recuperation (you can’t keep that grass down for long)

These three types of grasses are what we consider to be the best for a healthy lawn in the Central Texas area.

Check out these helpful articles regarding fertilizing, watering and mowing height for these grass types.


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